Commercial Cleaning Services

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High quality professional commercial cleaning services are ever more important in the current health climate that we currently find ourselves in.

Cleaning of commercial spaces, be them offices, shops, showrooms, schools, hotels or event facilities requires a deep cleaning strategy to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and protection from Covid-19.

A regular deep clean protocol is essential especially of all communal areas that your staff and customers share.

Regular cleaning to disinfect surfaces, door handles, equipment, seating, desks, products, switches, hand rails etc. all requires a comprehensive strategy if you are to maintain the standards of hygiene necessary to keep everyone safe from the virus.

Professional commercial cleaning contractors such as London based Flex Cleaning provide relaible, cost effective commercial cleaning services that are used across London by businesses small and large as well as schools, showrooms, shops and a wide variety of office spaces.

Whatever your requirements and cleaning needs, it has never been more important to implement a consistent cleanliness strategy that allows you to run an effective business while protecting all of your work force.

Covid-19 is mainly spread by touch. Touching surfaces that an infected person has previously touched is the biggest risk coming out of lockdown and so keeping those shared surfaces including shared kitchen and catering areas, toilets, lobbies, reception areas & door knobs and hand rails in corridors, buttons in lifts and railing in stairwells clean and virus free is the most effective way of minimising risk for everyone.

In addition to temperature testing people as they enter your premises, providing hand sanitiser and face masks, the cleaning of surfaces on a regular basis will help you to maintain a safe environment.

Don’t take a chance with the welfare of your people, choose a reliable, high quality commercial cleaning company to manage your hygiene policy for you.